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From Indie games to the newest retail releases, and everything in between, Signed In offers their independent perspectives on the latest and greatest (and sometimes not-so-greatest) in the world of gaming! Use the below links to connect with us online!

Feb 6, 2012

Everyone brings some Indie Games to the table this episode with Defy Gravity Extended, Little Racers STREET, LCD Dungeon System, Block Zombies!, Gold Digger The Comic 1-7, a Voxel Action, and Plugemons: Part 1.  Jeremy dives into NFL Blitz, Sean picked up Scarygirl, Craig gets turned around with Puddle, a quick look at The Simpsons Arcade Game and Quarrel, and Craig and Sean take a look at a few new Kinect Arcade offerings with Haunt and Happy Action Theater.  Sean gives the scoop on the Gotham City Imposters demo, Craig gets all superheroey with Power Up Heroes, Sean gets excited for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Craig teams up for the co-op demo of Syndicate, and Jeremy gets his toes wet in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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Games discussed on this episode!
0:00:00 – Intro
0:07:14 – Defy Gravity Extended (Indie)
0:11:03 – Little Racers STREET (Indie)
0:13:32 – LCD Dungeon System (Indie)
0:15:34 – Block Zombies! (Indie)
0:18:57 – Gold Digger The Comic 1-7 (Indie)
0:21:37 – a Voxel Action (Indie)
0:24:09 – Pugemons: Part 1 (Indie)
0:26:07 – NFL Blitz (XBLA)
0:37:11 – Scarygirl (XBLA)
0:42:29 – Puddle (XBLA)
0:45:34 – The Simpsons Arcade Game (XBLA)
0:47:13 – Quarrel (XBLA)
0:48:13 – Haunt (XBLA)
0:53:43 – Happy Action Theater (XBLA)
0:57:38 – Gotham City Imposters (XBLA)
1:06:45 – PowerUp Heroes (Demo)
1:10:25 – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Demo)
1:14:05 – Syndicate (Co-Op Demo)
1:19:18 – Final Fantasy XIII-2
1:33:50 – End