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Apr 30, 2012

Sean is the sole representation for Indie Games this episode with Drive Fast Think Faster, Unnecessary Violence, and Insane Zombie Carnage.  The gang shares some additional thoughts on World Gone Sour, Anomaly Warzone Earth, and FEZ, the purpose of the Bloodforge demo is debated, Jeremy gives Trials Evolution a run, Craig checks out Deep Black: Ep. 1, everyone shares their thoughts on The Walking Dead: Episode 1, and Sean and Craig blow stuff up with the new Toy Soldiers: Cold War DLC packs Napalm and Evil Empire.  Craig jumps into the chaos of the Dragon's Dogma demo, Sean jumps into the beta for the upcoming XBLA release Hybrid, more impressions are shared for Asura's Wrath, Jeremy fails to give The Witcher 2 his time but makes amends with Prototype 2.

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Games discussed on this episode!
0:00:00 – Intro
0:06:21 – Drive Fast Think Faster (Indie)
0:08:01 – Unnecessary Violence (Indie)
0:09:36 – Insane Zombie Carnage (Indie)
0:11:25 – World Gone Sour (XBLA)
0:15:01 – Anomaly Warzone Earth (XBLA)
0:21:55 – FEZ (XBLA)
0:29:02 – Bloodforge (XBLA)
0:33:45 – Trials Evolution (XBLA)
0:36:55 – Deep Black – Ep. 1 (DLC)
0:40:06 – The Walking Dead: Episode 1 – A New Day (XBLA)
0:51:48 – Toy Soldiers: Cold War DLC (XBLA)
1:01:17 – Dragon’s Dogma (Demo)
1:07:07 – Hybrid (Beta)
1:14:25 – Asura’s Wrath
1:21:35 – The Witcher 2
1:23:53 – Prototype 2
1:35:11 – End