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From Indie games to the newest retail releases, and everything in between, Signed In offers their independent perspectives on the latest and greatest (and sometimes not-so-greatest) in the world of gaming! Use the below links to connect with us online!

Oct 10, 2010

The Fall release schedule officially kicks off and we've got the games to prove it! Up first the guys cover the latest in Indie Games releases with King Spray, Break the Invaders, Explosionade, Coral's Curse, Hypership Out of Control, Tank Battles, and Jungle.  Craig wraps up DeathSpank: Thong of Virtue, Sean checked out the demo for Hydrophobia, and after a year of anticipation Comic Jumper is finally unleashed on the world.  Sean becomes a legend in Blur, everyone races against the clock with Dead Rising 2, Sean works on his jumpshot with NBA 2K11 and gets wrapped up in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Jeremy has some fun with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and Craig and Jeremy close the show with their impressions of Enslaved. 

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Games discussed on this episode!
0:00:00 – Intro
0:05:32 – King Spray (Indie)
0:08:34 – Break the Invaders (Indie)
0:10:49 – Explosionade (Indie)
0:14:13 – Coral’s Curse (Indie)
0:16:10 – Hypership Out of Control (Indie)
0:20:45 – Tank Battles (Indie)
0:23:43 – Jungle (Indie)
0:28:04 – DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue (XBLA)
0:35:12 – Hydrophobia (XBLA)
0:40:40 – Comic Jumper (XBLA)
1:06:29 – Blur
1:09:50 – Dead Rising 2
1:34:25 – NBA 2K11
1:37:48 – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
1:47:12 – Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
1:59:26 – Enslaved
2:20:31 – End