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From Indie games to the newest retail releases, and everything in between, Signed In offers their independent perspectives on the latest and greatest (and sometimes not-so-greatest) in the world of gaming! Use the below links to connect with us online!

Mar 25, 2018

Jeremy starts things off with a new character in Overwatch, Sean looks at the latest Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 DLC, Craig starts in on the next chapter of Orwell: Ignorance Is Strength, Jeremy runs aground in Sea of Thieves, and Jeremy and Sean fall back in love with Burnout Paradise.

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Games discussed on this episode!
0:00:00 – Intro
0:10:07 – Overwatch
0:17:58 – Lego Marvel Superheroes 2
0:26:07 – Orwell: Ignorance Is Strength
0:34:54 – Sea of Thieves
0:54:34 – Burnout Paradise
1:23:35 – End