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From Indie games to the newest retail releases, and everything in between, Signed In offers their independent perspectives on the latest and greatest (and sometimes not-so-greatest) in the world of gaming! Use the below links to connect with us online!

Oct 12, 2014

Craig starts the show with the new Fantasia: Music Evolved demo, Sean offers more on Disney Infinity 2.0, and Jeremy closes out Destiny. Craig shoots up the workplace in Corporate Lifestyle Simulator, Jeremy pushes around a dead guy in Chariot, Sean spends some more time in GTA V Online, Craig has some frustrations with Team Indie, and Sean hacks some fun out of Massive Cleavage vs Zombies. Jeremy enjoys the non speaking parts of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Craig peddles swamp land with A Golden Wake, Jeremy tries to not be a baby in Alien: Isolation, and Craig deduces and reasons with Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments.

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Games discussed on this episode!
0:00:00 – Intro
0:07:02 – Signed In Steam Group
0:11:28 – Fantasia: Music Evolved (Demo)
0:19:01 – Disney Infinity 2.0
0:28:45 – Destiny
0:32:57 – Corporate Lifestyle Simulator (PC)
0:39:59 – Chariot (Xbox One)
0:44:25 – GTA V
0:48:23 – Team Indie (PC)
1:01:05 – Massive Cleavage vs Zombies (Xbox 360)
1:07:08 – Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
1:19:56 – A Golden Wake (PC)
1:32:58 – Alien: Isolation
1:49:37 – Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments
2:18:25 – End