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Apr 28, 2014

An extra week break leads to an extra long show! Some flashback titles kick things off with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Lego Batman 2, and Dark Souls II. Craig keeps playing Mercenary Kings, Sean checks out the XBLIG Legend of Max, Craig gives all the details on the new and improved FTL: Advance Edition, Jeremy gets sucked into Hearthstone, and Sean tries to keep everything straight in Defense Technica. Craig takes a look at the new synth driven puzzler FRACT OSC, the next episode of The Wolf Among Us makes its debut, Craig has an early access peek at Broforce, Sean tries to keep his balance with Trials Fusion, Dustforce makes its way to XBLA, Craig feels the intensity of David, and Sean and Jeremy take a look at the Xbox 360 launch of Titanfall. Whew!

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Games discussed on this episode!
0:00:00 – Intro
0:17:43 – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
0:20:21 – Lego Batman 2
0:21:43 – Dark Souls II
0:28:07 – Mercenary Kings(PC)
0:37:41 – Legend of Max (XBLIG)
0:42:47 – FTL: Advance Edition (PC)
0:57:39 – Hearthstone (PC)
1:13:28 – Defense Technica (XBLA)
1:17:58 – FRACT OSC (PC)
1:25:48 – The Wolf Among Us – Episode 3: A Crooked Mile (XBLA)
1:35:10 – Broforce (PC)
1:43:55 – Trials Fusion (XBLA)
1:47:24 – Dustforce (XBLA)
1:52:15 – David (PC)
1:58:57 – Titanfall
2:09:11 – End